4/14: Political News Round up Discussion and Organizing meeting

This Wed's meeting:
Political News Round up Discussion
and Organizing meeting 

7pm School of Social Work room 26 
For the first part of this weeks meeting we'll have a political roundup discussion centering on the April print edition of Socialist Worker Newspaper. There's tons to discuss, ranging from the case for socialism, to the democrats and the health care, financial reform, and Immigrant rights bills  - to Arne Duncan's School reform fraud , the War in Iraq AND How we can build today's struggles in the continuing fight for LGBT rights,  How walkouts were organized in CA on march 4th, as well as the history of the UAW Grad Students local at UW and the ongoing negotiations and campaign to win a fair contract. Join us for a free flowing political discussion of the socialist perspective on the last months news! 

In the second half of the meeting we'll discuss plans for our upcoming
Socialism 2010 Conference Ideas for Changing the World
A weekend of Revolutionary politics, debate and entertainment
in Oakland CA, July 1-4

We'll discuss how to get a group of students from Seattle down to the conference, as well as our upcoming fundraiser THE PEOPLE SPEAK FILM SCREENING