5/12: Political News Round up Discussion and Organizing meeting

5/12: 7pm UW School of Social Work, Room 26
For the first part of this weeks meeting we'll have a political roundup discussion centering on the May print edition of Socialist Worker Newspaper.

There's tons to discuss, ranging from
Inside the Goldman Sachs scam & The banker robbers to New challenges for the Immigrant Right movement and  Anger builds over Arizona law to The 40th anniversary of the massacre of students at Kent State to Supreme Court appointments and the role of the court as Supreme guardians of the status quo and much more. Join us for a free flowing political discussion of the socialist perspective on the last months news!

In the second half of the meeting we'll discuss and plan for upcoming events like -- the I-1098 campaign to tax the rich, our Socialism 2010 Conference in Oakland, and our People's History of UW panel. Come get involved!!