VIDEO UW Student Strike Against Budget Cuts, March 4

Student Strike organized by the UW Student-Worker Coalition, of which the ISO is a member, in Conjunction with the March 4 National Day of Protest to Defend Public Education. To protest The University of Washington's massive budget cuts which mean tuition hikes, cuts to financial aid, and overcrowded classrooms for students; as well as layoffs, overwork, dangerous working conditions, furloughs, health care cuts, and union busting for workers.

The speech shown at the end is by Jesse Hagopian, Layed-off Seattle Public School Teacher, founder of Educators, Students, and Parents for a Better Vision of Seattle Schools, and ISO member.

Student-Worker Coalition's demands: (http://nobudgetcutsuw.blogspot.com/)

1) Transparent and democratic budget allocation
2) Cut from the top administrators; cap all salaries at $150000 per year
3) No layoffs
4) No speed ups (extra work) for workers
5) Accessible public education for all
6) Freeze tuition (no tuition hikes)
7) Replace loans with grants