3/3: Economic Crisis and Fightback - From Greece to UW

Part 1 -- Economic Crisis and Fightback in Europe -- 35 mins
In the ongoing economic crisis, bankers and the rich have been bailed out while workers have been forced to pay the price. The most recent flashpoint is in Europe where countries burdened with loads of debt, especially Greece, are on the verge of bankruptcy. If a European country goes bankrupt, it would send shockwaves throughout Europe and the rest of the world, potentially leading to another global panic and depression. Workers and students in Europe, however, are organizing, protesting, and fighting back against the demands that they tighten their belts when this is a crisis created by bankers and politicians. Come discuss what's at stake in Europe and the lessons we can learn from working-class resistance there as we start to build movements here against budget cuts and layoffs.

Greece leads Europe's winter of discontent

Greek strike halts transport, people back reform

Part 2 -- Budget Cuts & the Fight to Save Public Education -- 45 mins
March 4 is a national day of strikes and protests across the country to defend public education for students, teachers, faculty, campus workers and members of the community.(http://defendeducation.org/ Here at UW we are protesting the massive budget cuts which means tuition hikes, cuts to financial aid, overcrowded classrooms for students, and layoffs, overwork, dangerous working conditions, and union busting for workers.

In preparation for the March 4th day of action we will be discussing the budget crisis and privatization of education -- from its roots in the neo-liberal reforms beginning in the 1970's to the current day state of the WA budget-- and how we can fight back to win, taking lessons from previous and current struggles in the US and Europe.

DIRE STATES: State and Local Budget Relief Needed to Prevent Job Losses and Ensure a Robust Recovery

For regular updates about the anti-budget cuts struggle at UW, check out: http://nobudgetcutsuw.blogspot.com/ 

After the formal discussion we will make signs and plan for the following days actions at UW.