Leftwing Communism, socialist perspectives on current events & more

Wed 8/11 7-9pm
UW School for Social Work Room B12 (corner of 15th N.E. and N.E. 41st)

We have a full schedule for this week's organizing meeting! Join us to discuss a socialist take on the pressing issues of the day, a political strategy for change, and help us figure out how to put it into practice!

1. Left-Wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder

How do revolutionaries operate in non-revolutionary times? This is the central question discussed in Lenin's classic pamphlet, Leftwing Communism. Join us for a discussion on how this relates to the movements we're involved in today. Full text of the book can be found online, but all are welcome regardless if you've had the chance to read it. Also see this overview of the book in the International Socialist Review

2. Socialist roundup of current events

Discuss and hear a socialist take on recent headlines: from the victory over Prop 8 in California, to Wikileaks and the war in Afghanistan, to rising unemployment and what the prospects of a Democratic defeat in November means for the left. Check out some of the lastest articles at socialistworker.org and bring your thoughts.

3. Outreach and fall plans

We'll be discussing upcoming plans for tabling and outreach on campus, other events we're planning to attend, and a schedule for meetings in the fall.