8/25 Organizing for Fall quarter

Join us for our Bi-weekly organizing meeting as we continue to discuss and plan for the fall quarter.

1. Socialist roundup of current events
We'll kick off the meeting with a discussion of socialist take on recent events & headlines: from the "withdrawal" of us troops from Iraq, to challenging the anti-Muslim racists backlash that has erupted over the proposal to build an Islamic community center in lower Manhattan near the site of the World Trade Center; to the developing trends in the ongoing economic crisis --including homeless and hungry college students.
Check out some of the lastest articles at socialistworker.org and bring your thoughts on the news and events of the the week.

2. Campus Movement Work
In this discussion we'll assess last spring's activity and plan for our involvement in the fall in the campus moments. We'll focus primarily on the anti-budget cuts organizing and the Yes on 1098 ballot initiative campaign that would tax the rich and raise $2billion for health care and education in WA state.  Help us discuss lessons lear from the spring as well as new ideas for organizing around these issues this fall.

3. Topic Brainstorming for fall meetings
in the last few weeks we decided on broad topics for our fall meetings. This week we'll get more in-depth into the first two topics: "Why you should be a socialist: What is socialism and how do we get There" and "How capitalism works--and how it doesn't: a Marxist primer on the great recession" we'll discuss what we hope to cover in each meeting, how to pitch it to folks on campus and what we want to get out of it. Bring your ideas!