8/26 - How the Democrats Sold Out Health Care Reform -- &-- Union Update: SEA

Join us for a 2-part meeting on the Healthcare Reform Debate and The Seattle Teachers upcoming contract negotiations

Wed 8/26 7-8:30pm
University of Washington School of Social Work Room 032 4101 15th Avenue NE

1. How the Democrats Sold out Health Care Reform - 55 minutes

THE HEALTH care industry is determined to strangle any proposal in Washington for real reform--and the Democrats are acting as accomplices, having given up without a fight on a single-payer system that could actually solve the health care crisis--they're allowing the measures they do claim to support to be gutted of anything that might make a difference.

Support for a radical overhaul of the health care system, with a leading role for government-run programs, has never been greater. But with health care legislation expected to take shape over the coming weeks, it seems like Democrats are giving away the store before it even opens--in the name of bipartisanship and political "realism."

Come discuss the current debates and what a real left-wing alternative would really look like.

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2. Union Update: What's In Store for Seattle Teachers? 55 minutes
The current Seattle Education Association's contract negotiations come as Dr. Maria Goodloe-Johnson and the Seattle Pubic Schools have turned the screws on teachers and education in Seattle -- eliminating SPS’s office of Race and Equity, closing over a dozen schools in primarily minority neighborhoods, and recently laying off 200 teachers and assistants during teacher appreciation week. Join us for a discussion of the struggle in the union for a fair contract and the fight in the city for quality education for all Seattle students