8/12 IRAN BOILS OVER From the 1979 Revolution to Rebellion in the Streets Today

Part of the Monthly Forum Series
From the 1979 Revolution to Rebellion in the Streets Today

Wednesday, August 12, 7pm
UW School of Social Work Room 032
located on the corner of 15th Ave NE and NE 41st St in Seattle's University District (map).

Iranian society is experiencing its greatest upheaval since the 1979 Revolution.

What began as anger over election fraud exploded into protests of millions of people in the streets of Iran's cities, animated by social and economic grievances and raising the possibility of revolutionary change. Two months after a disputed election provoked mass demonstrations in the streets of Iran the mainstream media has largely moved on. Nonetheless, the struggle continues as the brutal government crackdown inspires new waves of resistance. Come to an open discussion on the history of Iran’s last revolution, the roots of the current crisis, the massive social upheaval -- and where the situation might be heading.

Check out some recent articles about developments in Iran and join us this Wednesday for a discussion of the background to the current crisis and what lessons activists from the US can learn from Iran.

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Iranian Dissident Journalist Akbar Ganji Blasts Mass Trial in Iran, Torture of Prisoners

Suggested Reading on the Iranian Revolution and Iranian history:

Revolutionary Rehearsals ed. Colin Barker - Chapter on Iran
Revolution and Counter Revolution in Iran by Phil Marshall
Why Washington hates Iran by Barry Sheppard (download pamphlet here: http://links.org.au/node/619)