Seattle Inaugural Celebration and Rally

Yes We Can End the War -- Student Anti-War Walk Out and March
We voted Barack, Now Get Out of Kabul and Iraq!

Students across Seattle walk out, speak out, and march to Westlake center on Inauguration morning to demand an end to the war.

Followed by
City-wide Inauguration Day Celebration and Rally
A Demonstration of our Hopes

Community members from across Seattle join students, who have walked-out and marched to Westlake Center, for a celebration and rally. We will celebrate the end of the bush era with community, speakers, and music -- by making our voices heard and letting President Obama know what the real changes that we want and deserve are.

http://www.j20celebration.blogspot.com/ for more information

Sponsoring Student Organizations:
Campus Antiwar Network (The Antiwar Collective) at Seattle Central Community College
Campus Antiwar Network at the University of Washington
International Socialist Organization at UW & SCCC
Democracy Insurgent at UW
Muslim Students of Social Work at UW
Palestine Solidarity at UW
Muslim Student Association at SCCC
United People's Coalition at SCCC
Students for Justice in Palestine at UW
MEChA at Seattle Unoversity
Pinoy Ng Central SCCC

Endorsing Community Organizations:
Iraq Veterans Against the War
SNOW (Sound Non-Violent Opponents of War)
Socialist Alternative
American Friends Service Committee Pacific NW
Pepperspray Productions
AnakBayan Seattle
Real Change Organizing Project
Backbone Campaign