ISO Public Forums: War, Recession & Obama: Socialist Stratedgies for Winning Radical Change

Public Forums

University of Washington
Tuesday, Jan 27th at 6pm, Thompson Room 134

Seattle Central Community College
Two forums Wednesday, Feb 4th at 12pm and at 7pm, room 4115

Barack Obama won this historic election by energizing and mobilizing millions of people across America. His supporters swept him into the White House with a clear mandate for change, yet he will take office amidst a growing economic crisis and failed imperialist wars. Ordinary people will need to fight in order to win the change that we so desperately need. We only need to look at the victorious occupations at Republic Windows and the New School University or the waves of protest against Prop. 8 and Israel’s invasion of Gaza to see the enormous potential power of the organized working class and left movements

Come discuss the socialist perspective on this new political period and what it will take to win real radical change.