1/5: UW Meeting

Welcome back from Break! We'll have our first meeting of the quarter at 5:30pm this Thursday in Thomson 211. 

1. Intro to the UW ISO (30 min)

We'll talk about what the UW ISO hopes to accomplish this quarter and answer questions about how our group works on campus and off.

2. Labor War in Longview (45 min)

A labor struggle of national importance is taking place just two hours south of us in Longview by members of ILWU Local 21 and the union busting grain conglomerate EGT. Solidarity is urgently needed as EGT is expected to unload a scab ship in late January or early February. Hear about organizing plans in Seattle including a solidarity meeting this Friday (see announcement below).

Read more about the struggle:
Labor war in Longview
Rallying support in Longview
The battle of Longview
ILWU Local 21 Facebook Page

3. UW General Assembly (30 min)

Next Tuesday UW will be having it's first General Assembly to talk about what we want for our campus, outside bureaucratic channels.We'll discuss the GA and how to help organize for it.

Check out  http://uwgenassembly.org/ for more info