10/6: City Organizing Meeting

City Organizing Meeting
THURSDAY, October 6th
SCCC Cafeteria (1701 Broadway, Capitol Hill)

Please note: we are now meeting on Thursdays!

Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Seattle (45 min)
The Occupy Wall Street movement is spreading! Thousands marched in New York this weekend, while hundreds gathered at Westlake Park in downtown Seattle to demand that the rich pay for the economy they destroyed. We will discuss the rapidly evolving movement and how we can build it bigger and stronger in Seattle.

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Socialist Worker (3o min)
Socialist Worker is the voice for our side. Published daily online, it provides unapologetic pro-working class coverage and analysis of world news and politics. We will discuss our use of the paper at tablings and events.

Planning for City Kickoff Meeting (30 min)
Our city branch fall kickoff is just around the corner. Join our discussion of how to build for this important meeting!