12/15: Learning from the European Revolt Against Austerity & Organizing

This week we'll have a political discussion on Austerity & Resistance in Europe and implications for activists in the US and time for organizing. It's our last meeting before a 2 week break so be sure to join us for this great discussion -- we'll resume meeting Jan 5th!

1. Austerity & Resistance in Europe and Implications for activists in the US (50 min)

This was the topic of this month's National Branch Council call. There will be a short report back and then plenty of time for discussion. Below are a few good articles to check out (there's plenty more on SW):

 A World of Extremes
The cause of Ireland's crisis 
Squeezing the working class in Europe
Tories manipulate a crisis
The new wave of student revolt 
A blueprint for the cuts to come

2. Organizing: Fundraising & Reports

Fundraising discussion (40 min)
We're kicking off a fund drive campaign for the Center for Economic Research and Social Change which publishes Haymarket books and the International Socialist Review. Hopefully coming out of this discussion we will set a branch goal for the fund drive, turn in all our own pledges, and go home for the holidays with forms and letters to give to friends and family; and brainstorm other fundraising ideas, possible parties for next quarter, etc.

Report backs, folks will give reports on organizing they are doing:--Case for Socialism meeting idea (to kick off winter quarter)
-- UW Campus Committee report back
-- Seattle Solidarity Committee (SeaSol) training and organizing meeting
-- Human Rights Day March
-- Madison Market union update
-- Teacher's Union Social Equality Educators (SEE) Caucus report