1/13: The Fight Against Budget Cuts

1. The Fight Against Budget Cuts (45 mins)
Protesters show their solidarity outside the occupied business administration building at SFSU (Luz Clemente)
Join us for discussion on the national fight against budget cuts. We will discuss the organizing and struggle in California that has been building since the fall and has lead to the call for a  March 4 National Day of Action To Defend Public Education. As part of the discussion we will  hear a report-back from our Budget Cuts Committee members about the state of organizing in the new UW anti-budget cuts coalition. Join us to discuss lessons from the ongoing struggle and how they apply to the situation at UW to help formulate a perspective for our work in that movement.

Articles on the California Budget Cut Struggle from:

2. Committee Meetings
In part two of our meeting We'll break into Committees -- Education, Outreach, Anti Budget Cuts Organizing, LGBT Rights Organizing, and Seattle Teachers Union Organizing. After 35 minutes to meet, each Committee will report back to the group for 5 mins.