12/2 Stupak: Playing Politics with Women's Lives

Wed Dec 2nd 7-9pm, UW School for Social Work Room B14

We will have a two part meeting this week -- A political discussion of the Stupak amendment and Abortion rights followed by an organizational discussion about organizing on the UW campus in the Winter Quarter.

1. Stupak: Playing Politics with Women's Lives
(1 hour)

There was a lot of back-patting after the House of Representatives narrowly passed a health care reform law November 7. In the spirit of bipartisan compromise, even the fact that the bill included an amendment shredding poor women's access to abortion -- the broadest restrictions on funding for abortion since the Hyde Amendment passed in 1976 -- was a point of pride for some Democratic politicians.

Join us for a discussion of why abortions rights are central to women's liberation, the Stupak Amendment and it ramifications, and what type of movement it will take to not only defeat this latest attack but win free abortion on demand for all who need it. 

Check out recent Articles on Abortion Rights from 

and From the International Socialist Review
Two Articles by Sharon Smith on Abortion Rights and the need for a new movement

2. UW Organizing for Winter Quarter (40 mins)
For the second section of the meeting we will be brainstorming and discussing our campus activism for the upcoming Winter Quarter. Bring ideas for what we should be involved in on campus and join in the discussion!