10/14: LGBT Equality from DC to Seattle

LGBT Equality from DC to Seattle

Eyewitness Report from the Historic National Equality March in Washington, DC!

How do we win R-71? Next steps for building the new civil rights movement in Seattle and beyond!

Wednesday, October 14, 7pm
Room 30, University of Washington School of Social Work (4101 15th Avenue NE)

The passage of Prop 8 and the angry protests that erupted around the country afterward -- including here in Seattle -- launched a new civil rights movement for LGBT equality.

Over the past year, a new generation of activists has emerged to lead dynamic grassroots struggles and organizations. We are standing up to the queer bashing and oppression that has been the norm in this country for too long. Enough is enough. We want fully equality now!

It couldn't be a better time to join the socialists in a discussion of how this new movement developed, what's next after the national Equality Weekend, and how we can ultimately win sexual and gender liberation!

We demand full equality
  Comment: Eric Ruder
Some 200,000 people flooded Washington, D.C., filling the streets with rainbow flags and a festival-like atmosphere as part of the fight for LGBT civil rights... Read the full article at socialistworker.org