9/16: Politics and Organizing in the Fall Quarter

Join us for a 2-part Meeting on Political Perspectives and Organizing in the Fall Quarter

Wed 9/16 7-9pm
University of Washington
School of Social Work Room 032
4101 15th Avenue NE

1. Perspectives for Socialists
(1 hour)
Heading into the fall and the start of a new school year, we've now seen Obama in power for the past 9 months. What have his policies looked like and what does liberalism in power mean for organizing a new socialist movement? With the economy still in crisis, US military escalation in Afghanistan, a raging debate on healthcare and a burgeoning LGBT civil rights movement, more people are questioning the way US capitalism works. We'll discuss how socialists can intervene in these tumultuous times in order to build grassroots movements for fundamental change.

2. Local Fall Organizing plans
(1 hour)
In this second part of the discussion we'll take the national political picture that we discussed in part one and focus it down to our local organizing in Seattle and at the UW. We'll talk about organizing plans for the fall semester on campus including our semester kick off meeting on October 7th, the Oct 11 National LGBT Equality March in Seattle, and our Northwest Socialist Conference "Crisis and Resistance: Organizing for Socialism" Nov 7-8 at UW. Come with ideas and join in the discussion about how to build the ISO.