5/6 Why we need to build a Revolutionary Party

Proposed agenda for Wed 5/6 Meeting
UW School for Social Work room 026

1. Discussion -- Why we need to build a Revolutionary Party now (1hour)
We will be discussing these two articles:
Socialists and Movements By Joel Geier ISR #47
Lenin's Theory of the Party by Todd Chretien ISR #56

In this hour we can dig into the politics of why we need to build a revolutionary socialist party along side our work in broader social movements  (Joel's article) and why it is we argue for a vanguard party (Todd's article) a concept which has been historically misconstrued by both the left and the right.

This discussion will be a great lead in to next wednesday's meeting with Todd Chretien, who is coming up from california to discuss the relevance of Marxism in today’s world as well as how radicals can best organize to actually win the socialist society that we so badly need (see next post for a longer description).

2. Socialism 2009 Update and Talks Discussion 25 mins
Updates from the Conference organizing conference call and then time for people to share what talks they are personally interested in going to. In the past we have decided to attend certain talk(s) as a whole branch to further our political development as a group. Look over the talks and come with ideas and suggestions so we can discuss and hopefully decide on our priority talks.

3. Political Announcements 5 mins